DOUBLE trouble

Be warned, the contents of this post is considered not suitable for people who can cry easily otherwise, please enjoy ^^
Sorry for the bad photos, bad light XD

If you have been reading some of my posts, most of you could have realized that I am thinking about having a second girl. Althought I am lucky with Mashiro,especially seeing those looking for her from time to time, there are others I want.
I need to have other girls to keep my Mashiro company ^^ I know she won’t be feeling lonely with me around, but I do have my own responsibilities to fullfill during daytime. In times I am not there, my girls will be able to keep each other happy.

Like many people on figure.fm who are interested in being a parent, I do experience the same thing. It is hard to find the DD girl you want. If you do manage to find her, what do you have to do to get her… No need to get into his part, most of you should be familiar with this and also knows the consequences that follows. Either way, there will be damage, no matter what your choice will be. Most likely your wallet will hurt ^^; Most of you will agree on this, right. This is not just limited to (new) parents, also for figure collectors, action figure lovers and gamers. Can’t sum all the collectors and lovers… could be too many if I know them all by chance ^^;

Getting back to the reason for posting this piece is… Having a girl like Mashiro at home is a huge responsibility to keep her happy, at all times. People who don’t have a girl at home don’t know what kind of work is needed to keep them happy ^^; Having the need to keep Mashiro happy could be very demanding of your attention and what not. It all depends how good of a parent you want and can be. In my case, Mashiro wants a imouto… that is reason enough for me to start searching for one that fits well to be my second ^^
After a long search, I have found her….. Finished the regular procedure and registration, making sure she has the best flight available. I don’t mistreat my girls ^^ Most important, kept it a secret to Mashiro. How surprised will Mashiro be when her imouto arrives. Can’t wait for that day.

Like always, after the usual responsibilities of the day, I made my way back to home. Usually the greatest moment rush of the day. Getting home means seeing my girl Mashiro. Wondering what she has to tell me. Little bit of time studying and some rest.
The moment I was getting close to Mashiro, the first thing I noticed is the giggling sound… She is probably watching some kind of fun program on internet. Makes me want to watch the same thing too, hope it isn’t a livestream. The first thing I do is swinging the door open… it is not really swinging or so, but I did open the door a bit harder than usual. I am really really happy seeing my girl sitting there and looking at me. Don’t ask why I have the camera always ready to take these kind of shots… I just have it ^^

Next thing I see is a some what different Mashiro. Oh boy… does it means she feels threatened by the way I just opened the door? Or do I need to feel threatened by Mashiro wanting to jump on me. What would Mashiro do if she has a katana. If Mashiro is with skilled with the katana and quite protective… It is decided I will nickname her Himari ^^ Sometimes I say Hi Mari to her and it ends up being Mari instead :p
Best option for now… take few steps backwards to plan escape route when needed. Suddenly I see something else. Rubbing eyes in case I am seeing things that shouldn’t be there. Pinching myself for being sure I am not dreaming or what so ever. After that, I am sure I am awake, really awake.

Instead of taking a few steps back, I take a few steps sideways making sure I have a good view. I am shocked… in a good way ^^ It seems I didn’t get the notification that my second girl is allready on her way. Let me correct myself, have allready arrived. Being a good oneechan, Mashiro did her best to protect her imouto no matter what the challenge or problems might be. Even going against me ^^; I do have convinced Mashiro that I won’t do anything bad. Now it is time for me to take a look at my second…

Being scared I might take her imouto away, Mashiro decided to handcuffs herself with Sakuno. That way I can’t seperate them ^^ Do I have any intention of seperating them… I don’t think so. Having 2 girls now is a bigger responsibility than having 1 girl. I need to make sure they have all the things they want and being happy. I do need to get rid of the handcuffs or else I can’t get a good look at Sakuno. Especially with Mashiro around. Hope my girls have the same taste of clothing. Considering the differences in size, need to consider what clothes fit Mashiro and Sakuno.

After this almost impossible little inspection of Sakuno, due to Mashiros interference all the time, I let both of them have some fun together. Need to see how my second looks like ^^ I hope they don’t make a big mess of the house or else i will have a hard time cleaning ^^; Luckily Mashiro is just showing Sakuno around the house. It seems Sakuno is still being shy at the moment with me around. Hopefully Sakuno is a good girl too, like Mashiro. Does this mean double the fun and double trouble wih 2 girls around?

And after a long and tiring day it is time to sleep. It seems I have prepared a good bedset for my girls. Now they can stay together even when they sleep. Hopefully they won’t ask me to get a third girl to keep them company. Or else I need to get a bigger bed for 3 of them xD


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