Feeling tired…

Lately I have been feeling tired… So I decided to take it easy for the day. Trying to do nothing and relax for awhile. Another pace in my life could be a nice change. If keeping busy and working might get you nowhere (read feeling tired…) There are exceptions like Danny Choo who keeps going. Danny, please think about your health once in awhile!! I prefer he keeps going on for years and doing what he does best, so we guys/gals have the inspirations and motivations to keep going on ourselves. Not forgetting all the (usefull) information he provides in his post. I do see him as a role model, to keep trying and doing other things I might not do so fast. Next step might be taking my girls out for a photoshoot ^^; I need some kind of good (protection)bag to keep them safe first.

As I said, I decided to take it easy for the day and I am looking for my girls. As they are playing somewhere, it looked like I was playing hide-and-seek with them. I finally found them and told them to be quite for the day so I can have some rest. They silently nodded and Mashiro holded Sakunos hand and tiptoed away. What sweet girls I have… Makes me want to say “萌 (MOE)”. Sorry, aftereffects from visiting maid cafes.

As I have been resting for an hour or so… I think I fell asleep, I heard the girls being a bit noisy. Not that it is a big deal, I decided to see what is going on. I do need to know what they are doing. As I was entering the room I see Sakuno turning away. Mashiro is pointing at me and said “go back to bed… sick person needs to rest up to get healthy again”. Abit bedazzled how Mashiro is saying it and Sakuno seems trying to hide something, I wanted to know what is going on. I decided to give a peek at Sakuno… what could she be hiding. Mashiro immediately jumps in and points me where the exit is. All she kept saying is “rest, rest and rest…” You can’t win from Mashiro when she is like this, so I left them alone and rest ^^

I probably fell asleep again, because the next thing I see is Mashiro standing in front of me. Wearing an apron being busy with everything. She didn’t noticed me being awake, what a great thing to see. Mashiro is cleaning up the house. In the future I can let her do the cleaning. Now it hits me that I am missing the apron in my loot. It looked like Mashiro took a liking in it and hid it from Sakuno. Before I knew it, Mashiro noticed me being awake and smiled in a good way. Mashiro left and a few minutes comes back with Sakuno. It looks more like Mashiro is dragging Sakuno with her.

Sakuno is being Sakuno… one word SHY. Sakuno does look good in her new outfit ^^ Mashiro is whispering some words into her ear. Sakuno looks at me and turned her head away. I think Sakuno is blushing a little bit. Sakuno slowly walks towards me and tries to act like a nurse. And that is the second thing I couldn’t find, the outfit, which Sakuno took or Mashiro. It would most likely be Mashiro. The only bad part about the outfit is, I couldn’t find any matching shoes for it or not having some nice stocking/ socks. Now I have to settle with what I have xD

Sakuno is still being shy (or is embarassed a better word) and wants to help Mashiro. Mashiro being a little pushy towards Sakuno makes clear what their jobs are for today. What I can understand is that Sakuno have to nurse the “sick” person, which would be me ^^ while Mashiro handles the food and cleaning up. That makes sense how they are dressed up.


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