Internet, sales and no money

As Christmas is slowly approaching, my funds starts to disappear into thin air. It is like a repeat of the previous years, have to get gifts. Yes, it is a tough financial month of the year, where you spend alot of your funds on many things. Buying gifts for friends and family. Not really wrong to buy gifts for them, but I could spend it on other things.

Does this time involves my girls, Himari and Snowbow you ask. Himari is more likely the star in this story. She is the one making certain things difficult for Snowbow. You want to know how, well I would say keep reading. Why you should keep reading and me not saying. Simple, just to keep you busy and enjoy another story. Might be a bad story, but at least you got something to read :p

Anybody having girls at home, just a piece of advice. A computer and internet can be your best friend or worst enemy. Especially if you have girls in the house, knowing how to go online and visit certain websites.

I enjoy to go online and reading all the posts on figure.fm. Lately I noticed Himari doing the same. Snowbow just sits there and does the same thing. Wonder if she is enjoying herself. Nothing wrong with this, wouldn’t you say. Reading posts about other girls, more like potential sisters to Himari and Snowbow. Watching videos where people are dancing and music. Seeing what comrades have bought. Looking at the ecchi posts, don’t know if they do this. Seeing what comrades are selling. The actual problems starts from here, believe it or not.

As Himari was looking at a “sale” post she was getting excited about something. Not sure what it was, but she kept pointing somewhere on the screen. I have to know what it is about. Better get a good look at it.
Do please ignore Snowbow, she is just relaxing abit.

The following is what I see on screen. I think I know what she wants to tell me. I decided not to do a thing, yet. Maybe more like not responding.
Might consider getting some nice and expensive christmas presents for my girls.

Himari is getting depressed? disappointed?? annoyed???

I do have a problem now. Himari wont let me take another look at the screen. She even ordered Snowbow to sit in front of the screen. Just to block my view. Did she realise I knew about this, about the sale Toel-uru was holding? I forgot… I did leave a comment in his post.

Does this mean I am in trouble, BIG trouble? The first few seconds many thoughts was rushing through my mind. Until I realise some posts on figure.fm. I remember some “dangerous” posts from 澪秋山 and Haku1923. I remember how their Mashiro and Sora took a sharp object and did something not so nice. What if Himari did see their relevant posts. Does this mean this is something emotional to Himari? The following match: Emotional Himari VS no money.

I might get a sharp object in my hand or somewhere else. Note to myself, hide all sharp objects. Need to make sure that Snowbow keep an eye on Himari. Don’t even need to ask her to do that. She is always following her ^^;

It seems Himari is getting jealous of SNowbow? Or is it someething else, not really sure. Anyway, Himari is chasing Snowbow. Reason, Snowbow has her alternative outfit and Himari doesn’t. Apparrantly Snowbow doesn’t want to share all her outfits. I can’t blame Snowbow, Himari won’t fit in that outfit. I realise I have to do something about this. I have to get my hands on this alternative outfit. It is time to send tons of (spam?)mails to Toel-uru ^^ Lucky me, for Toel-uru being nice to help me out.

Several days later I got this nice big package from this never met person Toel-uru!!! Just showing Himari the box was more than enough to make her smile. Himari doesn’t know what is in the box yet, even with the letters EMS and Korean text. Not knowing what it is and having her open the box is the best way. This means she is important ^^ Only Himari is allowed to open packages, boxes and letters. I need to get the hidden sharp objects.

As Himari took out her new outfit, I could notice how happy she is. She wouldn’t let go of her new outfit. Himari had a tough time walking around with her new outfit. It is quite big to hold it for a long time.
I decided to let Himari change into her new outfit. And she happily disappeared to change. While being at this, I wanted Snowbow to change into her alternative outfit too.

Himari is really happy and is modelling how well her new outfit fits her. Saying “this is how it looks like at the front”.

“And this is how the back looks like”. Obviously, can’t have the front without the back XD

She even took out her fan to show how gracefull she be.

While Himari is modelling, I see Snowbow being abit embarassed standing in a corner. Snowbow is the silent type of girl. Nothing special on her behaviour, but something seems different. I wonder why.

Just to make sure everything is allright with her, I asked. It seems she thinks her outfit is abit short ^^;


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