Mashiros first time…..

After all these time with Mashiro, it seems Mashiro needs to learn something new.
She is getting bored with her daily life, everything seems to be the same. Happy, but a bit bored.
Yes it is time to teach her. And it must be something good, real good.
From the look from her face, it seems she is eager to learn and do as she was told to do.
So I called her to enter the “room”.

At first she was hesitating. A bit scared of what might happen.
She wanted to enter, but also wanted to run away.
Carefully she pushed the door open.

As you can she, I got a snapshot when she pushed the door open.
Still scared, she entered the “room” step by step.
Always holding part of the door, she doesn’t know what I had in mind for her.
Yes, this is the first time she had to learn.
She probably doesn’t like to learn.
Looking at her, makes me wonder how fast she turns around and runs away.
I told her to enter and no running away.

I told her to sit in the chair.
It seems Miku is also interested what might happen.
Miku is always ready to keep things going on even when it isn’t needed.
Yes, it is the first time for Mashiro… to use the computer to go online.
Mashiro has never used a computer before, it is a good lesson to show her the online world.


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