Mashiros July loot

Wonder in which category this post really belongs too. It is about loot, but it is not mine as I would like to say that. Also abit late with posting since July just past with a day or so. Depends where you read it ^^;

Anyway, let start with the story. I was thinking that Mashiro, being a girl, needed more outfits. Girls need to be pretty and kawaii at all times ^^ I decided to get some new clothes for Mashiro, so I let her do some online shopping, all by herself. She choose, I pay… That means less loot for me, more for her >.<

After a long day, finally home. Mashiro told me that a package has been delivered and where it was.
Couldn’t wait for what has arrived. The package was waiting and yelling to me, it wanted to be opened. As I have been waiting for some new loot, I didn’t want to wait much longer. Suddenly I realise, it isn’t for me, but for someone else.
Looking at Mashiro, as busy as always doing her own things. A quick thought, she didn’t realised that it was her package.

I called her over and said “Mashiro, this is your package and not my loot”. Mashiro started to inspect the package, which she didn’t realised it was for her.

After watching her being so busy trying to open the package, I stood up and took the letter opener from the table. I gave the table opener to Mashiro and told her to be carefull with it. She knows what is needed to be done and carefully slices the package open. What did she bought online ^^ … and waiting time has ended.

Finally opened and being happy as she was, she was getting all excited (right word to use?) and started to say “BANZAI” several times. Probably watching too much Japanese drama.
When she was doing that, she accidently threw the letter opener. The letter opener just missed me and hit the wall. Next time, need to be more carefull when handling Mashiro and letter opener. Need to handle with care ^^;

A few seconds later, she jumped right in the box and started to look for something. Me still being interested in what she is doing, was thinking that she should take it all out at once. More easy and convient to see the loot. Mashiro finally found the thing she wants and gave it to me. It seems she have a little present for me as well.

Wonder what you can do with those stars. Having things to do, I left Mashiro alone for a moment while she is busy going through her new clothes and such.

After finishing what I needed to do I headed back to Mashiro, thinking she would be done by now. I couldn’t find Mashiro where she was before. I started to look for her and I saw something moving, something I haven’t seen before. It does seem to be fluffy and soft.

The shape changed, is it some kind of life form?? Does it took Mashiro somewhere else?? Suddenly, from somewhere very near I hear Mashiro whispering a few words softly, about “clumsy, tripping and falling”. The rest of it I couldn’t hear. Looking around doesn’t show where Mashiro could be. I slowly started to move around the mysterious life form.

The first thing I notice, the mysterious life form is actually a sheep like animal. After that seeing Mashiro being underneath that sheep. Slowly Mashiro stands up showing herself. She looks like one of those people doing the LION DANCE. Need to get her a sister and they can do a sheep dance ^^;

Finally time to show her new outfit… sorry, outfits which is (easy??) to combine with many different pieces of clothes. She didn’t want to keep changing, so she is only showing the one set of clothes ^^

I also managed to get her a comfortable bedset. It seems Mashiro is already tired from dragging her sleeping bag around and having to pose for showing her new clothes. Seems comfortable enough to have her fall asleep right away ^^ Now I might consider getting a dakimakura for her. Now let be silent and see Mashiro have her naptime.


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