Mashiros little pet

Mashiro has a little pet, well, not exactly a pet. It is a little paper bird she made.
She is really proud of it, having a little pet of her own. I think the bird is named Chibi Shiro.
Spending time on the internet has given her a little pet.
Who says that internet is useless… Anyway, never heard anybody said that ^^
She is really fond of her little birdie and keeps it close to her.
Never knew she had a birdie until she showed it to me once.
And that time I didn’t had a camera with me.

The first time she showed her little birdie to me, I needed to take a shot, real quick. Wait… didn’t had my camera with me that time, it was the second or third time she was showing it to me. Luckily I had my camera on standby. Camera, action… shooting faster than any machine gun with my slow camera ^^; and here is a nice shot of her showing her little bird.

It seems Mashiro has something in mind. Not sure what it is, holding her precious little bird.

Mashiro start turning around… tried to give her a new look with a ribbon. It is not the best, was having hard time tying the ribbon. Mashiro didn’t sit still, because she didn’t like it???
Anyway, I still managed to get the job done ^^

Better view of her hair with ribbon… I just keep talking about her new hairstyle. Let’s go back to Mashiro and what she is up to. Where is little birdie?? Have to ask Mashiro where little birdie is. Mashiro replies to me when I asked her where little birdie went. Her answer was “Chibi Shiro down” with a little crying face.
It seems little birdie has finally starts it flying lesson. There is only one way where little birdie can go, all the way down xD Little birdie doesn’t know how to fly.

After a playful afternoon with little birdie, Mashiro is getting tired and wanted to take a nap. She is allready getting sleepy and told me to get little birdie for her. Little birdie was waydown again… now I am getting tired, going all the way down to pick up little birdie. Everytime Mashiro drops little birdie, I can go again, lost the count.
Let me get some rest and maybe when I am up to it, might continue with another new story.


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