Lately I am busy with doing too many things. Not to mention I have alot of things I want to get a start on.
Yes, I have bad time management at the moment. Busy with work, want to learn new things (read study), have been neglecting my games for several weeks maybe even months. Been too long since my last gaming session, which I don’t remember when it was. Need to get started with building my gundam modelkits. Let say that my hobbies take alot of my time when I start new things.

Some could even say that I have too much things to do in the very little time I have available. We could easily debat on the fact that time management is inefficient in my case or just doing too many things at once. Either way, it is just a another case where I am the big loser for spending my little bit of time wrong. I start with too many things at once making it hard to concentrate on 1 thing. Being just 1 person, doing multiple things just ends up like losing your focus on your goal. Sometimes I start with something and put it aside for several weeks before working on it again… which makes me have to start all over. Why you ask, I forgot what I was doing with it ^^; Better keep going till something is finished. Too bad I want to do too many things at once >.<

However, I do have 2 sweet girls close to me who likes to take care of me. They have been taking care of the house while I am busy with being me ^^ I think I should be the one taking care of them. After all, they are my girls and need my loving. That sums up that I haven’t been spoiling or playing with them lately. Luckily they have each other in case I am being busy. Just keep it a secret between you and me, I have something nice coming this way to spoil my girls. Don’t tell Mashiro and Sakuno about it if you happen to meet them online.

To entertain themselves, my girls have been been using the internet quite a few times. Seeing all those yummy food, made them want to have some. Hope they don’t want another sister… would make my bankaccount hurt. After all, seeing yummy food gives them the chance to see other girls online. Very potential sisters for them.
As mentioned before, I need to spoil my girls once in awhile. I realise that there isn’t much to eat… have to restock food supply. As I tell them to get dressed and go out to buy food they immediately jumped up. They ran away very hard and a few seconds later came back. All dressed up and ready to go. (Bad light for making photos >.<)

Lately the weather forecast is predicting rain, rain and rain on most of the days. Looking out of the window, it seems like it wanted to rain. I decided to hand them umbrellas before heading out. You never know when the rain falls down. It reminds me of the song “Rainy Day” from Ayumi Hamasaki. Shame on me for not knowing (enough) Japanese to understand the lyrics is bad, but I think it is kind of a sad song. Although it is a old song, it is definitely one of my favorite songs to listen. Love the song, hate the rainy weather ^^;

Now we are ready and it is time to do some food shopping. I asked them what they wanted to buy. That was the wrong question, because they kept saying what they want and how many. They kept going and going for what felt like hours. At some point they came up with melon pan, Mister Donut donuts and several other food mentioned on figure.fm. I’m living in the wrong place where there is limited choices of Japanese food or donuts. Donuts is easy to get, but limited choice compared to Mister Donut. Had to keep their focus on the things we could buy here.

After we got back I decided to show you what my girls wanted to eat. I know it makes you curious what my girls wanted to eat. What can I do, I need to spoil them every once in awhile. They bought all snacks to eat >.< Seems they wanted more snacks, but I decided it was enough for this time. They would have bought the entire shop if I let them be. Let us say ITADAKIMASU ^^


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