This story happened some time ago. After being able to get a grip on reality I am going to tell you what has happened. I can remember it clearly as it just happened yesterday. Actually, it happened last month. I even remember the conversation I had with my girls ^^;

Freefall: What are you girls doing?

Snowbow: Studying Japanese

Himari: Reading a book

Freefall: Snowbow, why are you studying Japanese, you’re not going to Japan or meet any Japanese.

Snowbow: I know I am not going yet. Next time you go to Japan, take me with you. I help you translate Japanese and bargain loot. You can get alot of clothes, food and other stuff for us if you know how to communicate with Japanese. Last time you went, you didn’t get that much for us. *mumbling* You didn’t ask us if we want to go with you to Japan…..
Also I do know someone who is Japanese. Her name is Sora!!! and maybe the new one called Aura…..
Next time I learn Korean to speak to Toel-uru’s girls…..

Freefall: o_O….. Ok, Himari what are you reading.

Himari: I am reading some kind of book that I don’t know.

Freefall: Let me take a look. Where did you get this book, I don’t remember having a book like that lying around.

Himari: Found it between a bunch of other stuff over there. You do need to try to keep the house tidy. Spending too much cleaning after you make such a mess.

Freefall: Sorry….. I only try to make a mess to keep you busy. Or else you would be bored all day when I am not home.

Himari: I’ll forgive you, just try not to make such a big mess next time.

Freefall: Now let me hear what you are reading.

Himari: OK, let me see where I was before I got interrupted.

Freefall: ^^;

Himari: Founded!! I’ll start reading aloud.
“To my servant that exists somewhere within the ends of the Universe
To the holy, beautiful and above most powerful familiar
I appeal to you from my heart as I chant
Answer my guidance”

Freefall: Himari, what are you reading?? Something is happening *suddenly start hearing weird sounds*.

*Snowbow starts to look up seeing what is happening*

Himari: Like I said before, I don’t know. This book was lying over there, in that pile of stuff of yours.

Freefall: *starts panicking and looking around* ….. Saber, you better start running

(Freefall wants to grab the girls and run)

Himari: Look at that light, on the ground. A figure is starting to form. Light is getting brighter. Can’t see.

Side note: I know, crappy skills :p Anybody can read what it says?

???: Who has awaken me from my slumber.

Us: ….. *speechless at the moment*

Freefall: Where did you send little Saber flying to, can’t find her anywhere

???: Now I ask, who is my master!

Freefall: Excuse me, coming through ^^… *Freefall starts remembering several comrades post about master and starts to smile, goes forward and touches Himari abit, wanted to reach out to ???*

???: *??? draws her sword and start pointing at Freefall* Who dares to touch my master, must have a certain dead wish upon them. Your death will be as painless as possible as my master has not been hurt greatly.

Freefall: What is going on here?? And more important, who is this Master??

???: Thou do not know who my Master is, yet she is standing in front of you. I need to make sure you know very well who my Master is!!

Freefall: You are your own Master?? *yeah, I am kind of not so smart with certain things :p*

???: You do need a few lessons to be taught by me. Do not try mocking with me, cause the 1 who will fall is you. My Master is that girl over there holding that book *looks at Himari*.

Freefall: Now that we solved who the master is… Himari HELP me out of this pinch.

Himari: *giggling* You, unnamed one, lower sword. Freefall is taking care of us. If you do anything bad to Freefall, you have to deal with *starts giggling again* me, your Master. Tell me who you are.

???: I am Saber Lily, the one my Master summoned.

And thus a hard tough life has started for Freefall… threatened by Saber Lily for every wrong move made


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