As some time has past, I wanted to give a name to Saber Lily. By naming her it would make her more “unique”.

Besides, Mashiro is named Himari and Sakuno is named Snowbow. I can’t let Saber Lily being the only one without another name. As I was brainstorming what kind of name would be befitting for her, I got some troublesome help from Himari.

Freefall: Saber Lily, I need to give you a name.

Saber Lily: You can try, but I won’t respond to the name you think of. And if you try thinking anything funny, you can see my sword from up close.

Himari: Saber Lily, don’t get upset. Freefall takes care of Us. Which includes you too. By the way, Freefall named us too and we both like it.

Saber Lily: I have a feeling Freefall hate me, especially with our first encounter. And if I let my guard down, Freefall might hurt even you my Master.

Himari: That is enough Saber Lily. Freefall is not bad… maybe abit weird, egocentric, baka, spending too much money on useless stuff, spending time on the wrong things, living in the wrong country etc etc.

(Freefall silently listens to those “half true” facts coming from Himari o_O)

Himari: *continues* … But most importantly, Freefall love us and give the best of care for us girls. Most of the time, we get what we want. Even if it is too expensive for Freefall etc etc.

(Freefall looks at bankaccount T^T)

Himari: *still continues* … So in the end, I think it is better to give you a name too. And I’ll help Freefall with thinking of a new name for you. And…

Saber Lily: *silent*….. very well, as long as you stop talking about Freefall. *whispers* Master keeps talking for hours.

Himari: Shouldn’t we call Saber Lily like, Saber chan, Lily chan, Saber Lily chan, SB chan, Sali chan, Berly chan, maybe add kun instead of chan or…

Freefall: Himari, stop stop… at the end we just call her Saber Lily, only different. We want a different name for her, remember.

Himari: I know, but this is just a warming up for what is coming…

Freefall: *looks in fear of what might come*… Snowbow, you want to help us thinking a nice name for Saber Lily?

Snowbow: I think I’ll pass this time. Want to watch some anime while you brainstorm over her name. Maybe join you later. Do try to keep it quiet or else I can’t watch and learn Japanese.

Freefall: Very well, let us start brainstorming her name. We need a name that show how dangerous she is.

(Saber Lily immediately grabs her sword, while Himari is trying to prevent her)

Freefall: I mean how gracefull she is ^^;

(Saber Lily puts down her sword, while Himari try to take it from her)

Himari: We should name her how fast she can grab her sword. I think Quickdraw is nice.

Freefall: Saber Lily is using a sword and not a gun *waiting for Saber Lily’s reaction*.

Saber Lily: I don’t think that is a name to be used Master.

Himari: Stop calling me Master. How about Buta?

Freefall: No good, she does eat alot, but she ain’t a pig Himari.

Saber Lily: Master thinks the worst names she can come up with (sounds disappointed)…..

Freefall: I agree with you on this one Saber Lily.

Saber Lily: Freefall, you better stay silent and don’t talk bad about my Master. Do you want to feel my sword *starts poking with the tip of it*

Himari: Calm down Saber Lily. Let me think. How about Tomo, Sayuri, Umeko, Rin, Aya, Saeko etc etc.

Freefall: Slow down Himari, you going to fast, can’t keep up writing down the names you mentioned. Are you even thinking what might be a good name or just randomly saying what comes up in your mind.

Himari: I was going really slow just now. I was brainstorming what comes up. As you might know, in a brainstorm session it is important what comes into your mind. Write it down and delete the choices that are not needed or not wanted in our case. At least we should have alot of choices for Saber Lily to choose from. *grabs notebook* Let me see what you have written down. T S U … are you

Snowbow: *Suddenly yells* LALA, daisuke!!! *hugging screen*

Saber Lily: Name sounds good, let go with that one.

Freefall: Which name are we talking about.

Saber Lily: What do you think. Tsurara off course. So now we are finished with this foolish game called naming Saber Lily. Better said, naming myself.

Freefall: … *slap face* How does this even happen.

Himari: No fair, I wanted Saber Lily to be named by me.

Freefall: Himari, you just did the first part of her name and Snowbow the second part of her name.

Himari / Snowbow: This is coincidence being named like that.

Saber Lily: …..

Himari: Are you really really sure?

Saber Lily: I just want food… not this naming game you think of.

Freefall: Ok, here you go. Have some snack to om nom nom while we think how to name you properly. Do share it with your sisters.

Several hours and many many list later…

Freefall: Saber Lily, any name you like from the list we made?

Saber Lily: *stares at the list*…

Snowbow: She probably have hard time choosing from all those names you could think of.

Himari: At least she has many to choose from.

Freefall: *sighed*… Himari, having too much choices is not always the best thing.

Snowbow: I agree, like there are too many anime I want to watch, but very little time to watch them all. Also the shops that sell all those lovely clothes I want to have (starts looking very very sweet at Freefall)…

Freefall: That’s great, Snowbow agrees with me, so I think I have to take a look at what she wants… if you excuse me. I have something that need to be done.

Himari: Does this mean we have to start all over again?

Freefall: I think I have a name that should suit Saber Lily.

Saber Lily: When it is coming out of you, nothing would be great about it.

Snowbow: That is not very nice of you Saber Lily. Freefall sometimes has very good ideas. When naming things that is different… Anyway, Freefall what is the name you think of?

Freefall: I think that… considering how she likes light coloured clothes… we should call her LIGHT and *got interrupted by Himari*

Himari: Light is a not so nice name.

Saber Lily: I think so too and “I told you so” is the right thing to say.

Snowbow: Have you been watching too much Deathnote lately?? Light is not suited for her. Seems Freefall want to say something else, continue what you wanted to say.

Freefall: Thank you Snowbow *petting her head*. As I was trying to say before getting interrupted by Himari. I think we should translate it first and we get… HIKARU!!!

Saber Lily: I like that one, it almost sounds the same like Master!!

Himari: You have something with HI and AR Freefall?

Snowbow: Why am I the only starting with an S?

Freefall: No I don’t have anything with HI and AR. At least  not that I know of and I can call you Mari and Karu from now on. Saying Hi in 1 go is the way. Maybe just say Mari and Kari ^^

And Snowbow, you’re sooo cute. Had to think of a name that is equally as cute as you are.

Himari: So, I am not cute.

Freefall: Himari, you’re cute in a different way.

Hikaru: Does that mean I am not cute…

Freefall: Hikaru… you are yourself. So you are cute in your own way too.

Hikaru: *blushing*… thank you for the name… does it have any meaning?

Freefall: According to a website I found, it means radiance (Hikaru = 輝 or Hikari 光). The moment you appeared was soo uhmmm bright *(thinking more like dangerous for me, hope she stays like this ^^)*

Snowbow: I want to have another name!! Just like nee-chan that starts with HI and ends with ARI. I don’t like being the only one that is different!!

Freefall: *slaps face and starts thinking* I know!! I call you Hidari ^^

Snowbow: *raise her hand and slaps softly on Freefalls cheek* Don’t call me lefty *sob sob*

Himari: *petting Snowbow head* Come here Snowbow, don’t cry. Freefall, you better think of a name that at least

starts with HI!! And no excuses.

Freefall: Hi Hi Hi… this is just to tough. Hibiki, Hitomi, Hiyori….. Anymore Hi?? help…


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