It has been more than a year having Himari with me. Snowbow is almost with me for a year too. Hikaru still have a few more months left before she reach her first year with me. As time goes on, I realize what kind of things my girls do when I am away.

Himari is the oldest, so she take care of the house. Snowbow being second and a good girl, she does what Himari wants her to do. Usually she sit arounds watching anime or reading books. And my third girl Hikaru is assigned with guard duty. She has the skills and equipment to take down every intruder. Someone has to protect them while I am away, even if it means taking everybody down. She even took me out the first few times. Luckily Himari was close by or else bad things might have happened to me ^^; Without Himari around, life would be hard and tough on me.

Yes, Himari is a very good girl and loved by her sisters. Himari does the hard work in the house, while Hikaru and I make a mess. Most likely me making a mess, while Hikaru want food all the time. Snowbow tends to put her things on 1 big pile of “junk”. It is a tough job that Himari has. As myself, being a good caretaker or a parent does, we like to do things to lessen the girls burden. Even meaning lessening alittle bit.

I have decided to get some help for my little Himari ^^ Someone who is specialized in helping around in the house. Someone with the skills (and maybe looks) helping Himari with this daily burden. I wonder what Himari will say if she finds out about this. Anyway, I have to keep it a secret till I find the right person who is up for this job.

Let me start this top secret mission, only ment for those comrades who support me till the end.

After several hours, it even seems like days to me, I found something interesting. This person could be the right one. I have to make contact now. Where is the mail adress, have to ind it now, before someone else get ahold of her. Stay calm, look carefully and closely. Look for the envelop or maybe the link for mail. Scroll, scroll but not too fast or else I might miss it. Having a unsteady hand, more like shaking hand, it does not help much for me to go through the page. At last found it. Just one click left and I am going to start typing and demanding for her help.

After several mails going back and forth, we finally agreed on the terms for her help. Yes, it sure was a hard deal to close for my bankaccount. I needed too much funds for this particular help. Althought I won’t say that it is a bad deal seeing what her skills are. Most important is that she can help Himari, that is making it worth more than what I needed to pay for her help.

After signing all the documents and paying the sum, everything is official. Yes, now I can rest till she arrives. In the meantime, I have to make sure everything is going as usual. Not letting 1 of the girls know what I have done. Not knowing their reaction or their thoughts, is difficult to deal with. They might like it or absolutely hate it. It can go both ways. As this is a secret to my girls, must erase all of the evidence, especially for Snowbow. As she seems to be the smartest and quite handy with getting information out of me. The way she stares (where you go like giiiiii, people having watch enough anime know what I mean) at me with her sweet  personality making it hard to deny her anything. Thinking about it, makes me sweat. I’m getting sidetracked, must erase evidence fast.

As hours past, days past… It has been some time now after signing all those documents and it is getting harder to keep this secret to myself. Usual I talk to Himari if I want to get rid of something not ment for others. But now, I can’t. Talking to Snowbow might be a the best choice, but never did this before. Can expect something might happen, like she telling to Himari. Can’t blame her, especially she likes Himari that much. The other choice would be Hikaru. Thinking about it, that would be definitely a NO. She is absolutely on the side of Himari. Everything related to Himari is almost an immediate threat to my own life. Can expect her to get her sword and start slashing at me. WOuld be a “run for your life” kind of situation, slightly different. Althought she has calmed down alot with me being around, still not a good change to take. At least she let met talk with Himari in private sometimes.

As I see my girls enjoying themselves day in day out, makes me feels happy. Yet at the same time I am feeling anxious. Anxious waiting till the new help arrives. How will my girls react to this sudden change. Will they show their true feelings right away or trying to deceive me? Or are they going to take their time and see what will become of this new situation turns out to be. Can I expect a big hit of a sword, will my computer be broken into pieces or a very dirty house? Wait, I won’t have a dirty house with the new help ^^; Hope there won’t be any dangerous magic being cast.

Like most days in the week, I get up, get ready and leave for work. Not anything special to mention about. Doing the same job day in day out. Always wish that it was time to get home to be with my girls. Really, Who doesn’t want to be their girls all day long. The smiles and joys they bring with them, unless they are angry at you. Well, it is your own fault if they get angry at you. Shouldn’t do anything that they don’t like or give them any present that provoke these kind of action (link baldy). Yes, I have learned from my own mistakes and from others.

As I continued having my thoughts with my girls, it was already the end of the day. Time to go home, thought that would never happen after such a long tough day. Better hurry pack my stuff to leave work and rush home. After just exiting the building I got a phonecall from my girls. They told me someone arrived at the door and looking for me. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Not that I can think of. It was getting really noisy at the other end of the line. The girls were screaming all at once and making it hard to make it clear who this person was. Words like gite matract was all I could hear. And the words didn’t even make any sense too me. The conversation suddenly ended with a “lost” connection. Lost connection or someone hit the hangup button. Tried calling them several times, but the phone is not being answered. Or in those cases where you’ll be hearing “the number you are trying to call is currently not available”. Better hurry up in case they get themselves into trouble.

After traveling home I was nervous that something might have happened to my girls. Especially with something this omnious going on. My keys, can’t find them. Where did I left my keys. Left pocket, right pocket, in my bag. Oh yeah, I am already holding it in my hand. Being nervous about it doesn’t really help. After entering I was running like crazy to find my girls. Luckily they were standing there waiting for me. Amused, confused what are they thinking right now. It seems that they are waiting for me to arrive. Will they jump at me? Will they start to fire their questions? Will I even survive all their questions? I started to sweat for what might come as I know nothing about what happened ^^;

Being a good host, the girls had let the guest wait in a room. It seems the girls are curious who this guest is. Hearing their few words I knew they were gossiping about this mystery guest. Finally Himari walks towards me and said in a very calm voice “follow me, I need to take you to your guest”. What else can I do, I started to follow Himari as she is holding my hand. Snowbow and Hikaru are staying behind as ordered by Himari. Seems Himari have the fullest confidence being able to handle the situation. Wait, I have to get tidy myself first. Straighten clothes, wiping sweat, done ^^ Now we can go and see this guest of mine. As I started to wonder who this guest might be and my heart started to beat a bit faster as my anxiousness is starting to grow bigger.

Himari took me to the room where the guest was waiting. I entered the room and I was in shock. Yes I was in a real big shock. How can this always happen to me. You might wonder why I am in a shock. Maybe the person who was waiting for me. That is part of the reason being in shock. It also has to do with the fact after Himari had entered and announced that I have arrived.

The big shock was hearing “Okaeri nasai Freefall-sama”. It made me silent for minutes as I did not expect her to arrive. Luckily Himari hit me a few times to get me back to my senses. As being the head of the household it is not so polite being quiet to my “guest”. Also, it seems that they are very capable finding their own way to my house. Yes I have a new girl in my house, which is also the new maid named Sakuya Izayoi.


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