Saber x Saber

Many months ago Volks have announced for a release of Dollfie Dream Saber Alter version 2 and Saber Extra. As I wanted to have another Saber, I decided to join and pre-order Saber. Although having some trouble to decided on which Saber, finally made the decision. As soon as the pre order opened I placed my order. Had to wait for months till the shipment. After awhile it seems that Volks have underestimated the interest in the 2 Sabers. They had to split up the shipments into 2 release dates. Luckily I ordered mine Saber as soon as the pre order opened. I was in the first shipment ^^

In the meantime, while waiting, I was browsing the internet. Found out that the shipment is delayed. That is not something you want to read, but somehow to be expected which the huge orders and time needed. Also read some post about people having their Dollfie Dream missing an item or broken parts of their outfits and such. Seems that is possible too, but it is still something small that can be fixed quite easily by contacting Volks.

As time slowly moves on, people who pre-ordered Saber got informed that their Saber is ready for pick up or shipment. The first photos started to show up of their box. Getting really excited as I can’t wait to get “your Saber is on the way” message. As the first photos outside Japan started to show up, I know the message is getting closer and closer. What can I say, I just wanted my Saber.

As I finally got the message I was really happy, cause I just need to wait till Saber arrives. After Sabers arrival I couldn’t wait to get her out of the box. I opened the shipment box and first thing I noticed that there is something strange. Like I said, I know how the boxes looks like and it was a bit too dark to my liking. After seeing the whole box of Saber, I am sure it is the wrong Saber. Getting all the confirmation I have from Volks to ensure myself I did not make the mistake by ordering the wrong Saber. Luckily I did not make the mistake myself. Immediately contacted with Volks about the wrong Saber. In 2 days got a reply to send the wrong Saber back and I would get the right Saber afterwards. Problem solved, but that means another wait for weeks. That is something I definitely don’t like to do. Especially when I was thinking that I have my Saber. How frustated it works on my mind for the wait. This is something I would add to the list of bad luck. Consider what others had with missing items, their problems are just small frustrating ones.

Anyway, too many weeks had passed. I finally got another big box with Volks on it. It has to be my Saber. Couldn’t wait to open the box right away. After seeing the colors, I knew this has to be the good one. And it is!! After what has happened, I can say the following for sure. Increased waiting time. Opening the shipment box 2 times for the same price. Volks customer service is very helpfull, but wonder how many do speak English.

Most important, having Saber around makes me really happy. Therefore I have decided to name her Hikari as I could leave a dark chapter behind me with this bad experience. Something I never thought it could happen in such a big failure.

Anyway, I wanted to get Saber out of her box and realise too late that I needed to charge the camera battery. Didn’t want to wait, so use my cellphone camera to get the job done ^^; Thus the lower quality.


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