My 6th musume, 1st custom, DDH-06. The best way to sum it up is 616. Lacking skills and tools to do any face up. That’s the best way to describe my situation. Thanks to Dollfie World for finding face up artist CY to do the job and whatever is needed. Am very pleased with the result. If I have half the skills as face up artist CY, I would be really happy. For the face up, all I needed to do was showing the kind of face up I wanted. Might be the toughest part if I didn’t search beforehand. The rest was, well, just pointing out the (minor) changes and whatnot before the “ok” sign. As being my first custom, she also has a custom eyes design provided by the same face up artist CY. As I understand it, the Dollfie World staff calls it CY eyes, named after the face up artist as it seems to be popular for a big group. It is difficult to capture her eyes as it is rather dark. The area around her eyes is also dark, which doesn’t help much for photography. Need enough light to see her eyes properly. Must say that it doesn’t do her any justice as it is much nicer if you see it in person. If it isn’t the perfect face up, it still be a very good one. Judgement might be affected by my own opinion as it is my own chosen design. Anyway, for me it is the perfect face up. Perfect job well done is the best way to describe it, that is how I think.The best shot I have of her eyes. As you can already see, it is dark colored. Doesn’t help much to show her beautifull eyes, even in the light. What can I say more, definitely one of the best looking ones so far I have seen them.Been spending too much time to try to capture how kawaii she can be. After I was done I was like her… happy that it is done as I was lacking ideas for any great poses.


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