Have been planning to take another photoshoot of my 6th musume eyes. Lacking time or having bad sunlight is the biggest challenge I had in the past time. Shooting with artificial light might be possible, but it means a different feel of the photos in the end as I lack proper equipment. Wanted to give it a naturel feel. Waiting for time and proper sunlight needed for the shoot, it seems like an eternity.

Wasting alot of precious time for the photoshoot I had in mind with waiting. Finally having lady luck by my side for time and sunlight. Had to get my musume ready in 5 minutes, grab the camera and change the lens in 2 minutes and started shooting right away. You never know when the sunlight gets covered by clouds. It is just like life, it is unpredictable for most of us.

Although it might not be the most interesting photoshoot, with the limited poses. I was only focusing on her face. It was the fastest photoshoot so far.

After a long enough brainstorming session for naming her, I think I found the name I like. Wanted her name to start with “S”. I decide to name her Shinobu (忍), which means “endurance”. However I am very tempted to give her another name. Considering I just keep saying how beautiful her eyes is, I wanted to name her Hitomi (瞳), which means “pupil of the eye”. Usually given to girls with beautiful eyes. Or it means (智美) “wisdom, intellect and beautiful”.

As I lack knowledge about Japanese names and their meaning, I have been browsing the internet for a long time ^^;


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