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Lucky number 8

My 8th Dollfie Dream Kosmos. Different yet the same. Her face is more mature looking. The skin color is lighter than my other Dollfie Dream, which means getting new parts if I have a certain photoshoots in mind.  Her head seems to be smaller than the others. Making certain angles not fit for shooting photos as the wig doesn’t fit properly >.< Currently I am thinking to (re)name her, but it is difficult to find a name I want to used right away. For now she is still being called Kosmos.

SONY DSC Kosmos1.2 Kosmos1.3 SONY DSC



Tokyo Olympics 2020

Come across a interesting video clip from World order. At least I think that is how they are called. Very well made. I can recognize most places ^^ Does that mean I have been to often in Tokyo?


East meet West


Stumbled on an interesting videoclip. The instruments being used is called koto (Japanese harp) and shakuhachi (Japanese flute). Seems Himari is enjoying her music ^^


Dynamite Number Seven

Sometime ago, after having my 6th musume Shinobu, I have decided not to increase my Dollfie family. While being really positive that Shinobu would be the last one, somehow I find myself preparing for another musume, again. It seems the circle just keeps going round and round. Having learned from my previous actions, I realize the following. Every time I add another musume, I am sure that it would be the last Dollfie musume and afterwards adding another musume to the family >.<


As time passed, I received a message that my (at that moment not completed) 7th musume, is getting prepared for travel. In the mean time I needed to work on her image. What do I need? As I have nothing to work with, looking at the photos of others is my weapon of choice. Browsing the internet gives me more than enough inspiration or better said ideas what I like and don’t like. After creating a list of the things wanted, I needed to start to do some hunting. However, finding the proper items is more difficult than I could imagine. So many choices, but only a few things needed. It is like going to your favorite shop and getting asked what you like to buy. The only tool I have is visualizing an image of my 7th musume ready for a photo shoot. While visualizing is partly easy, but in the end there are always things that surprises you. Anyway, there are 2 things I really needed to get my hands on.


1st, I wanted some customs eyes for her, but it might be too challenging for the custom creator. I wanted to mix several types of eyes together. I am not sure how it would look like as I haven’t seen an actual draft of it. Also, I am waiting for a reply that the job is accepted. As the Volks dolls event is starting to get closer to the date, I found out that they have some interesting new looking eyes. After some silent thoughts I decided to go with the new Volks eyes. I wanted to get my 7th musume ready as soon as possible. Luckily I already had a color in mind that I wanted to use or else I needed more thinking which to choose from.


2nd, needed to secure a proper body for her. It sounds so wrong (or even worse) >.< I have been longing for awhile that 1 of my musume have a “Dynamite” body. To be more precise, the newest DDDy3 body from Volks. But having failed in more ways than you can imagine, thought it would be the same case here. Like always, I decided to use the services from Dollfie World as they will help you with your request. Let say that I got lucky as they seem to find one at the right time. Definitely the right place for having certain request fulfilled.


Realizing that she isn’t named yet, I have another job to finish. Well, considering what is already going on, gives me enough time for thinking how to name her and what things I needed to get her prepared before the photo shoot. Originally I wanted to name her Nana, as it is used in a Japanese anime titled Nana. As far my knowledge goes, it also means Seven. The head being used is the Volks pre-painted DDH-07 and she is my 7th musume, it just seems to be perfect. But there is also another name that tickles my fancy. After some heavy thoughts what would be the best choose, I decided to go with the name I have always in my thoughts. She will be named Hotaru.


When it comes to appearances, she is definitely standing out when it comes to all my musumes. Hotaru has a more mature looking face-up compared to the rest. It might be the overall look how she is being dressed and her body. For example, it gives a totally different vibe when I put Shinobu next to her. I do come to realize why DDDy owners complain about having difficulty finding proper clothing for their musume. The body is more voluptuous making it bigger in certain places. I knew it was bigger, but not sure how much and where. Now I have to hunt for clothing that is fitting properly…big enough for her to fit.


While wondering about many things, I started to wonder how to name the title. Would I name it “727” or “777”? It would be quite simple to understand my thoughts. 727 stands for 7th musume, 2nd custom and DDH-07. 777 stands for 7th musume, DDH-07 and Nana. At the end, I decided not to use both mentioned titles. It would be almost the same as my “616” post and she isn’t named Nana. Still I wanted to be more specific about the fact that she is my 7th musume. I figured out that the title must have 7. What is easier then calling it number 7? I know using only 7 would be easier. But that gives me a bad after taste when published.




Have been planning to take another photoshoot of my 6th musume eyes. Lacking time or having bad sunlight is the biggest challenge I had in the past time. Shooting with artificial light might be possible, but it means a different feel of the photos in the end as I lack proper equipment. Wanted to give it a naturel feel. Waiting for time and proper sunlight needed for the shoot, it seems like an eternity.

Wasting alot of precious time for the photoshoot I had in mind with waiting. Finally having lady luck by my side for time and sunlight. Had to get my musume ready in 5 minutes, grab the camera and change the lens in 2 minutes and started shooting right away. You never know when the sunlight gets covered by clouds. It is just like life, it is unpredictable for most of us.

Although it might not be the most interesting photoshoot, with the limited poses. I was only focusing on her face. It was the fastest photoshoot so far.

After a long enough brainstorming session for naming her, I think I found the name I like. Wanted her name to start with “S”. I decide to name her Shinobu (忍), which means “endurance”. However I am very tempted to give her another name. Considering I just keep saying how beautiful her eyes is, I wanted to name her Hitomi (瞳), which means “pupil of the eye”. Usually given to girls with beautiful eyes. Or it means (智美) “wisdom, intellect and beautiful”.

As I lack knowledge about Japanese names and their meaning, I have been browsing the internet for a long time ^^;



My 6th musume, 1st custom, DDH-06. The best way to sum it up is 616. Lacking skills and tools to do any face up. That’s the best way to describe my situation. Thanks to Dollfie World for finding face up artist CY to do the job and whatever is needed. Am very pleased with the result. If I have half the skills as face up artist CY, I would be really happy. For the face up, all I needed to do was showing the kind of face up I wanted. Might be the toughest part if I didn’t search beforehand. The rest was, well, just pointing out the (minor) changes and whatnot before the “ok” sign. As being my first custom, she also has a custom eyes design provided by the same face up artist CY. As I understand it, the Dollfie World staff calls it CY eyes, named after the face up artist as it seems to be popular for a big group. It is difficult to capture her eyes as it is rather dark. The area around her eyes is also dark, which doesn’t help much for photography. Need enough light to see her eyes properly. Must say that it doesn’t do her any justice as it is much nicer if you see it in person. If it isn’t the perfect face up, it still be a very good one. Judgement might be affected by my own opinion as it is my own chosen design. Anyway, for me it is the perfect face up. Perfect job well done is the best way to describe it, that is how I think.The best shot I have of her eyes. As you can already see, it is dark colored. Doesn’t help much to show her beautifull eyes, even in the light. What can I say more, definitely one of the best looking ones so far I have seen them.Been spending too much time to try to capture how kawaii she can be. After I was done I was like her… happy that it is done as I was lacking ideas for any great poses.


Saber x Saber

Many months ago Volks have announced for a release of Dollfie Dream Saber Alter version 2 and Saber Extra. As I wanted to have another Saber, I decided to join and pre-order Saber. Although having some trouble to decided on which Saber, finally made the decision. As soon as the pre order opened I placed my order. Had to wait for months till the shipment. After awhile it seems that Volks have underestimated the interest in the 2 Sabers. They had to split up the shipments into 2 release dates. Luckily I ordered mine Saber as soon as the pre order opened. I was in the first shipment ^^

In the meantime, while waiting, I was browsing the internet. Found out that the shipment is delayed. That is not something you want to read, but somehow to be expected which the huge orders and time needed. Also read some post about people having their Dollfie Dream missing an item or broken parts of their outfits and such. Seems that is possible too, but it is still something small that can be fixed quite easily by contacting Volks.

As time slowly moves on, people who pre-ordered Saber got informed that their Saber is ready for pick up or shipment. The first photos started to show up of their box. Getting really excited as I can’t wait to get “your Saber is on the way” message. As the first photos outside Japan started to show up, I know the message is getting closer and closer. What can I say, I just wanted my Saber.

As I finally got the message I was really happy, cause I just need to wait till Saber arrives. After Sabers arrival I couldn’t wait to get her out of the box. I opened the shipment box and first thing I noticed that there is something strange. Like I said, I know how the boxes looks like and it was a bit too dark to my liking. After seeing the whole box of Saber, I am sure it is the wrong Saber. Getting all the confirmation I have from Volks to ensure myself I did not make the mistake by ordering the wrong Saber. Luckily I did not make the mistake myself. Immediately contacted with Volks about the wrong Saber. In 2 days got a reply to send the wrong Saber back and I would get the right Saber afterwards. Problem solved, but that means another wait for weeks. That is something I definitely don’t like to do. Especially when I was thinking that I have my Saber. How frustated it works on my mind for the wait. This is something I would add to the list of bad luck. Consider what others had with missing items, their problems are just small frustrating ones.

Anyway, too many weeks had passed. I finally got another big box with Volks on it. It has to be my Saber. Couldn’t wait to open the box right away. After seeing the colors, I knew this has to be the good one. And it is!! After what has happened, I can say the following for sure. Increased waiting time. Opening the shipment box 2 times for the same price. Volks customer service is very helpfull, but wonder how many do speak English.

Most important, having Saber around makes me really happy. Therefore I have decided to name her Hikari as I could leave a dark chapter behind me with this bad experience. Something I never thought it could happen in such a big failure.

Anyway, I wanted to get Saber out of her box and realise too late that I needed to charge the camera battery. Didn’t want to wait, so use my cellphone camera to get the job done ^^; Thus the lower quality.

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