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35 things to do before you regret


I found a very interesting list of things you should do before you regret. Looking at the list I can see things that are true. There are also things that I cannot do or having doubts about it. Nonetheless it is an interesting list with things I have done or (still) trying to accomplish. As for myself right now, before seeing the list I have been working on number 1, 2, 5, 6, 16, 27 and 34. I need to work on it to improve in some way or another. Hopefully I have no regret in the future by following this list.

As for number 34 “doing anything about my dreams”, I want to live and work in Japan. Living in Japan makes it possible to work in Japan or working in Japan gives the opportunity to live in Japan. Not working or living in Japan makes it difficult for me to realize my dream.

If there is someone kind enough who can give me abit of help or advise. Your help and advise in providing a job opportunity (with sponsored visa) in Japan, is really appreciated as I have no luck so far.

01. Not travelling when you could
02. Not learning a new language
03. Not opting out of a bad relationship sooner
04. Not using your sunscreen
05. Not doing things out of fear
06. Not doing anything about your physical fitness
07. Not standing against gender roles
08. Not quitting a job you hated
09. Not working harder in school
10. Not realizing that “You are beautiful”
11. Not saying “I Love You”
12. Not listening to your parent’s advice
13. Not doing things because of “what people will say”
14. Not moving on with life quickly
15. Not forgiving people especially those you love
16. Not taking a stand for yourself
17. Not volunteering even at least once
18. Not taking care of your teeth
19. Not being close to your grandparents
20. Not spending more time with family and friends
21. Not taking a break
22. Not finishing what you started
23. Not learning any party trick
24. Not doing anything just because of cultural expectations
25. Not ending friendship with people who have grown apart
26. Not playing enough with your kids
27. Not taking a risk
28. Not networking and developing contacts
29. Not staying worry-free
30. Not avoiding needless drama
31. Not showing your talent in front of everyone
32. Not being grateful sooner
33. Not learning how to cook
34. Not doing anything about your dreams
35. Not caring about others

If you are interested to see what it means, check Cyber breeze.


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